She’s just too beautiful, you know what I mean?

Her perfect figure was consumed by the baby bump which seemed more like a mountain. No longer can she fit into the tiny clothes that every woman wishes she could fit into. Never did she have to struggle into her clothing. It always slipped right on; everything and anything looked good when she wore it. 

This was not the future she had envisioned for herself at the age of 21 but she was willing to accept it. After all she didn’t really have much of a choice anyways;  she was already halfway through. Her parents hadn’t taken the news easily either. They questioned where they had gone wrong but realized that she wasn’t a baby anymore and in fact, was having a baby of her own now. 

The changes were small to strangers but still extremely noticeable to herself. The muscles she worked so hard on toning throughout her years as an athlete were already disappearing, and her breath escaped her much sooner than usual. 

Slowly she heard less and less from her friends; she only traveled to her mother’s house since her car seemed to give up on her; it barely made the trek down the street without hacking and releasing puffs of black smoke that looked as poisonous as it smelled. 

She stayed home more and more, she never left the house anymore. She had nothing left to do since all that could be washed, folded, vacuumed and scrubbed was washed, folded, vacuumed and scrubbed. Her live was wasting away, waiting for the new life inside her to begin.